Refugees from Darfur in a transit camp, near the city of Tine on the Chad border (June, 2004).

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Large majority of EU citizens support EU humanitarian aid

Once every two years, a large survey is done by the EU, called the Eurobarometer, to monitor the evolution of the public opinion in the member states on a vast number of topics. In June 2012, the Eurobarometer for humanitarian aid was made public.

VOICE very much welcomes that 88% of the EU population considers it important for the EU to fund humanitarian aid (up from 79% in 2010). Moreover, 84% agree that the EU should continue to fund humanitarian aid in spite of the current economic crisis, demonstrating EU solidarity with crises-affected populations.

The majority of EU humanitarian aid is delivered by humanitarian NGOs, as partners of the European Commission?s department for humanitarian aid and civil protection (DG ECHO). Therefore, we are happy to launch the 2012 VOICE resolution which explains the added value of humanitarian NGOs: what is their role and how do they work in support of crises affected populations?



Please find the links to the key documents:

- VOICE Resolution 2012: What humanitarian NGOs are all about

- 2012 Eurobarometer on humanitarian aid:

* Factsheet

* Memo which also compares with the 2010 Eurobarometer

* full version Humanitarian Report







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