Refugees from Darfur in a transit camp, near the city of Tine on the Chad border (June, 2004).

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 Launch of the Humanitarian Response Index 2010: VOICE involved

DARA launched the Humanitarian Response Index 2010 on December 7, during the European Development Days. The report was presented by Ross Mountain, Director General of DARA, Philip Tamminga, Head of the HRI, and Kathrin Schick, Director of VOICE. The report assesses the response of 23 leading donor governments in 14 crises which received over 60% of global humanitarian funding.

The report reveals the increasing politicisation and militarisation of donor governments' aid which compromises effective assistance to vulnerable populations and endangers humanitarian workers.

The five main findings are:

  1. Increasing politicisation of humanitarian assistance means millions of people are not getting the aid they need
  2. Continued gaps in the protection of civilians and lack of continued safe huamnitarian access means that vulnerable populations are at risk of harm
  3. A lack of political commitment and investment in conflict and disaster prevention, preparedness and risk reduction threatens to intensify the impact of future humanitarian crises
  4. Slow progress in reforming the humanitarian system means that aid efforts are not as efficient or effective as they should be
  5. Donor governments are collectively failing to improve their transparency and 'downward' accountability to affected populations.

For more information, please click here for the final report.


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