stands for Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies. It is a network representing 82 European non governmental organisations (NGOs) active in humanitarian aid worldwide. Unlike its members, VOICE is not operational.

Seeking to involve its members in advocacy, common positioning and information exchange, VOICE is the main NGO interlocutor with the European Union on emergency aid and disaster risk reduction and it promotes the values of humanitarian NGOs. more

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World Humanitarian Day 2014: The World Needs More Humanitarian Heroes NEW   [18/08/2014]  
August 19 is the World Humanitarian Day ! It is an opportunity to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world. more
‘A hidden gem’: NGO perspectives on the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid – study launched. NEW   [07/07/2014]  
On 19 May VOICE organised an event to launch its study 'The European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid - an NGO perspective' which brought together representatives of NGOs and other stakeholders like ECHO, EEAS and international organisations. more
VOICE General Assembly stresses value of EU humanitarian aid   [10/06/2014]  
Brussels, 20 May: The VOICE General Assembly adopted by a large majority a resolution entitled ‘Why is EU humanitarian aid important?’. more
VOICE is proud to present the 2013 VOICE Activity Report   [06/06/2014]  
For VOICE members 2013 was an important year with policy processes starting which will influence the EU humanitarian agenda for several years to come. more
VOICE Event: The European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid - an NGO Perspective   [07/05/2014]  
VOICE is launching its study on 'The European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid: an NGO Perspective’ Monday 19 May. more
VOICE advocacy for EU humanitarian aid funding in 2014   [11/04/2014]  
The EU is a major humanitarian donor, supporting 120 million people in 2013. The European Commission recently addressed a request to the European Parliament and Council for a transfer of funds. VOICE and its network members have been active across the European Union, urging decision-makers to respond positively to this request. more
Challenges for EU humanitarian aid in 2014 discussed at VOICE/VENRO Roundtable in Berlin   [25/03/2014]  
In the context of the exceptional number of ongoing high level humanitarian crises and institutional change that the EU will face in coming months, VOICE, and VENRO – the German national NGO platform - organised a Roundtable Challenges for EU humanitarian aid in 2014. more